Ekepoint is a C library for writing presentation software or actual presentations.

It uses Evas to do its rendering, so it supports such things as hardware accelerated graphics cards, truetype fonts, and alpha blending all over the place.

Ekemagic is a kinda Magicpoint-compatible program for doing presentations.


It's quite trivial to write up an ekepoint program... so, if you've got your slides in any kind of text file, making ekepoint slides is simple. Of course you can add in random images and code up animations if you want, but doing straight text slides is something like:

#include <ekepoint.h>

int main (int argc, char ** argv)
        eke_init (argc, argv);

        eke_append_foil (text_foil ("Oath!",
                                    "Oathstix is a fun game played with "
                                    "yourself and a shaved puppy!");
        eke_append_foil (text_foil ("Pants",
                                    "Pants are an unnecessary evil.\n\n"
                                    "BURN THEM ALL NOW!");

        eke_main_loop ();

you'll need to install the following libraries:

  • imlib2
  • evas (>= 0.0.4)
  • ecore

These are available from the Enlightenment download section (off http://sourceforge.net/projects/enlightenment).

Getting the code The code is available in CVS on SourceForge. Mailing Lists There are two mailing lists, one for users of ekepoint tools, and one for developers of libekepoint and tools. Info and subscriptions are available:


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